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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
(MBSR) Programme

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an eight week evidence based experiential course which invites you to engage on a physical, emotional and intellectual level. It offers a programme of mindfulness meditation training, which is practical and transformative. The programme was established by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979 at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre in the USA and has been widely researched over the past 40 years showing many positive effects. 


Research indicates that the majority people who complete the course report: 


• Lasting decreases in physical and psychological symptoms, including anxiety and depression

• Reductions in pain levels and an enhanced ability to cope with chronic pain

• Greater energy and enthusiasm for life

• An ability to cope more effectively with short and long term situations


For a summary of research outcomes see:

www.bemindful.co.uk & www.umassmed.edu/cfm


   Mindfulness Courses


Our next 8 Week MBSR Course starts

Tuesday February 16, 2021

Refer to Courses page for full details


Drop in Evenings: Tuesdays 7-9pm:

- at The Mercy Centre, 104 The Drive, Epsom

- these give you a chance to practice and connect with others in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere

Our last Drop in will be Tuesday 1st December(note change of date)

with Sue Dykes and Barb Draper

By koha 

To see the extensive training and experience of our teachers and to be assured that our courses adhere to recognized international mindfulness teaching standards, please see the About Us page.



Sue Dykes - Director & Course Faciltator

I am a Clinical Psychologist in private practice and teach MBSR and MBCT Programmes with Mindfulness Auckland. I also teach client and professional groups Mindfulness in other settings.


Barbara Draper - Course Facilitator

I have been a practising Architect for 30 years. Yoga and meditation have been important to my life to provide balance and well-being.  I began training to be a Mindfulness teacher in 2014 and am currently co-teaching MBSR and MBCT courses

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn
Founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme


"Mindfulness is about being fully awake

in our lives. It is about perceiving

the exquisite vividness of each moment.

We feel more alive. We also gain immediate

access to our own powerful inner resources

for insight, transformation and healing."




"Mindfulness is an essential skill for happiness in the 21st Century. Our lives are constantly bombarded with texts, TV, Twitter, and To do Lists, to name a few! Nurturing and practicing mindfulness allows us to connect to the moment, and experience a much more meaningful experience with ourselves and the world. The MBSR 8 week course was the perfect programme for me to learn the practice of mindfulness, and then share my learnings with my clients. I can highly recommend this programme  to anyone who knows they need to be more mindful, but frankly can’t fit it onto their busy schedule! Spread over 8 weeks, it perfect for meshing mindfulness habits into your everyday life to bring about lasting change."

Debbie Schultz - Organisational Development Consultant



"Huge reduction in anxiety.  Generally calmer and kinder to self.  Recognising thoughts for what they are.  Feeling contented and opening up to opportunities all around me that I’d missed. My life feels hugely enhanced.  Thank you Dianne and Sue this course has had a very unexpected and positive impact on my life."




"I learnt how to be kind to myself.  Be more generous and gentle which were really needed to reduce stress.  I learnt to appreciate and be more happy by being aware and mindful."

Hanna Lee



"Amazed at reduction of stress symptoms and increased sense of calmness and acceptance."