Mindfulness: Recommended Books

  • Brantley, J. Calming Your Anxious Mind, New Harbinger Publications, Inc. 2007

  • Burch, Vidyamala. Living Well with Pain and Illness, Priatkus Books, Great Britain, 2008

  • Baer, R, (Editor) Mindfulness-Based Treatment Approaches – Clinician’s Guide to Evidence Base and Applications, Academic Press, 2006

  • Germer, C. K. Siegel, R. D. And Fulton, P. R. Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, New York Guilford Press, 2005

  • Hanson, Rick and Mendius, Richard, Buddha’s Brain, New Harbinger Publications, 2009

  • Kabat-Zinn, Jon, Full Catastrophe Living, New York Delacorte Press, 1990

  • Kornfield, J. The Wise Heart: A Guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Psychology, New York Bantam Books, 2008

  • Linehan, Marsha M. Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder,The Guilford Press, 1993

  • McCowan, D, Reibel, D. and Micozzi, M. S. Teaching Mindfulness, Springer, 2010

  • Maclean, Kerry Lee,  Peaceful Piggy Meditation, Albert Whitman and Company, 2004

  • Orsillo, S. M. And Roemer, L. The Mindful Way Through Anxiety, The Guilford Press, 2011

  • Salzberg, Sharon, Real Happiness, The Power of Meditation, Workman Publishing, New York, 2011 (Good for how to learn mindfulness)

  • Salzberg, S  Loving-Kindness, The Revolutionary Art of Happiness, Shambala Classics, 2002

  • Santorelli, Saki Heal Thyself, Bell Tower, New York, 1999

  • Shapiro, Shauna L. And Carlson, Linda E. The Art and Science of Mindfulness, APA 2009 (good overview of theory and research for Therapists)

  • Siegel, D.J The Mindful Brain, W.W Norton and Company, 2007

  • Siegel, R. D. The Mindfulness Solution, The Guilford Press, 2010 (Practical)** (good website)

  • Susan Kaiser-Greenland, The Mindful Child: How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder and More Compassionate, 2010

  • Williams, M and Teasdale, J, Segal, Z and Kabat-Zinn, The Mindful Way Through Depression,  The Guilford Press, 2007 (very good for how to learn and teach MBSR with CBT additions for Depression)

  • Williams, Mark and Penman, Danny, Mindfulness, A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World, Priatkus, UK, 2011




Useful Links


www.openground.com.au (Australian MBSR Trainers)

www.bemindful.co.uk (UK Mental Health Foundation)

www.umassmed.edu (US Center for Mindfulness)


"Great spiritual traditions are used as a means to ripen us, to bring us face to  face with our life, and to help us to see in a new way by developing a stillness  of mind and a strength of heart."


 Jack Kornfield